"СМИ. Модальные глаголы"

Автор: Пискунова Ирина Михайловна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: МБОО СОШ №10
Населённый пункт: горол Лобня, Московская область
Наименование материала: Контрольная работа к учебнику "Английский в фокусе" 8 класс
Тема: "СМИ. Модальные глаголы"
Дата публикации: 08.01.2016

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Test 7 8


Variant I
I Choose the correct word/ phrase to fill in the gaps

1 ) Chat text
a) Bob decided to ….. Mary and apologise to her , as he was too nervous to do it face to face b) It’s annoying when people sit and… in the cinema.
2) downloaded installed
a) Kate has…. Some great recipes from the Internet, and tries a different one every week b)My friend has …. An electronic dictionary on his computer
3) grapevine headline
a)Have you read the…. in the morning’s paper? A lion escaped from the city zoo! b)I heard through the …. That Jack is getting a promotion. Is that true?
4) report coverage
a) Live …. Of the flood showed a number of survivors being saved by helicopter rescue teams b) There will be a special … about the problem of global warming on TV tonight
5) gave away gave out
a) Mrs Tyler asked me to ….report cards b) I can’t believe Jack …. secret information about the company
6) test exam
a) My brother passed his driving …. Yesterday b) When is your university entrance….?
7) timetable certificate
a) The students who pass the exam are given a …. b) At the start of the year, all the students are given a….
8) explanations instructions
a) Did you read the ….. before you started setting up your computer? b) I can’t think of any logical …. for his strange behaviour
II Fill in the missing word

Impact, Newspaper, installed, blames, forecast, fixed, reporter, weekend, tell, face-to-face
1) Jeremy Clarkson is a famous …. for the Times newspaper in London 2) I ……. A new computer programme that stops Internet viruses 3) We’re thinking of spending the …in the mountains 4) I saw the job advertised in yesterday’s … 5) The weather …. For tomorrow is predicting heavy rain 6) The Internet has had a great …. On learning outside of schools 7) Her parents often ….. her off 8) Tom had his eyes … on Wendy the whole time he was at the party 9) When there is no opportunity for ….. communication, she uses the Internet to chat with her friends 10) My sister always ….me for things I never do
III Match the words to form phrases
1) listen 2) become an 3) fast-paced 4) send 5) rush 6) breaking 7) check 8) care 9) come 10) absent a) from school b) technology c) hour
d) from a wealthy family e) news f) to music g) my emails h) extension i) about employers j) messages
IV Choose the correct item

don’t have to/ can’t
attend university to get your diploma. There’re long distance learning programmes online which can provide you with a ver4y good education
If Mary gets permission from her parents, she
may/ must
study in France next year
should have/ must have
studied a lot for the history exam. He got very high marks
mustn’t/ needn’t
run in the school corridors. It’s against the rules
must/ need
study hard if you want to go to university
should/ might
spend more time studying if you want to get good marks
can/ need
solve maths problems very quickly

Must /can
we play football in this park?
can’t have/ must have
been at the party last night. She is on holiday in Italy right now
10) Should / May
I have some information about Cambridge university in Britain, please?
VI Match the words to form compound nouns
1 week 2 tooth 3 hair 4 basket 5news 6 cup board, cut, paper, ball ,end, ache