"Моя будущая профессия"

Автор: Сагарь Марина Владимировна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: МБОУ СОШ №5
Населённый пункт: Сальск
Наименование материала: методическая разработка
Тема: "Моя будущая профессия"
Дата публикации: 02.04.2016

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Текстовая часть публикации

My plans for the


In our little town of vocational training

opportunities. Children go to SIT, IUBIP,

vocational, DCS and other schools. In

these places you can do after the 9th

grade. Optionally to be an excellent

student in school. Many of the children

to obtain higher education go to study

in the city of Rostov region .Good

education is needed to get a good job.

In the future, you want to earn a lot.

It is necessary to choose a profession

that you like. I have not made a choice.

But first I wanted to be a psychologist.

Now the profession is not in demand. So

I have not decided yet. Now I hard

studied chemistry and society. It is

necessary to seek a profession in these


The school also gives vocational

education. But we need to continue to

study further.