Автор: Атаян Есения Григорьевна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: МБОУ "СШ № 17"
Населённый пункт: город Нижневартовск, Тюменсая область
Наименование материала: текст для чтения
Тема: "Shopping"
Дата публикации: 19.04.2016

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Текстовая часть публикации

People do shopping almost every day. When people want to buy something, they go to shops where various goods are sold. Through the shop-window we can see what is sold in this or that shop. Big supermarkets self-service shop. Customers can buy all the necessary foodstuffs there: bead, milk, meat, fish, grocery, sausages, sweets, vegetables and fruit. When customers come into shop, they take a food backed and choose the products they want to buy. When they put everything they want into the basket they come up to the cashier’s desk. There is a computer with a laser scanner that reads and sums up the prices on packed goods at the cashier’s desk. The saleswoman tells how much to pay. The customers pay the money and leave the shop. At the grocer’s you can buy sugar, tea, coffee, salt, pepper, ham, bacon, sausages, frankfurters and so on. Bread is sold at the baker’s, meat at the butcher’s. We go to the greengrocer’s for vegetables and fruit. Cakes and sweets are sold at the confectioner’s. When we want to buy clothes, we go to men’s and ladies clothes shop. We buy boots and shoes at the footwear shop. We buy jewelry at the jeweler’s. We buy books at the bookseller’s. Some shops may departments. These shops are called department stores or supermarkets. Supermarkets are self-service stores with departments for different food products. Supermarkets sell thousands of food products: meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, canned groceries, bakery items, delicatessen items, and frozen foods. Some supermarkets also have seafood and alcohol. The supermarkets are located in shopping centres or malls and along main roads. Supermarkets are popular because they save time, have low prices and variety of products in one place. There you can buy almost everything you need. These shops are called self- service shops because there are no salespersons there but only cashiers at the cash desks. The customers choose the goods they want to buy and pay for them at the cash desk.

It’s not worth a farthing / penny. Не стоит и копейки. Buy a pig in a poke. Купить кота в мешке. The customer is always right. Покупатель всегда прав. Advertising is the mother of commerce. Реклама – мать коммерции. Look after the pennies, and the pound will look after themselves. Копейка рубль бережет. Lend your money and lose your friend. Хочешь потерять друга – одолжи ему денег cannot do without не могу без to buy [bai] купить, покупать various [’veərɪəs] различный goods товары the grocer’s бакалея the baker’s булочная
the butcher’s мясной магазин the greengrocer’s овощной и фруктовый магазин the confectioner’s кондитерский магазин footwear shop обувной магазин the jeweler’s ювелирный магазин cashier [kæ’ʃɪə] кассир bookseller’s книжный магазин salesgirl продавщица saleswoman продавщица salesman=shop assistant to weigh [wei] взвешивать scales [skeilz] весы