Страноведческая игра на английском языке на тему "Moscow - London"

Автор: Иванова Елена Аркадьевна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: ГБОУ г. Москвы "Центр образования №1296"
Населённый пункт: Москва
Наименование материала: Методическая разработка
Тема: Страноведческая игра на английском языке на тему "Moscow - London"
Дата публикации: 07.06.2016

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Страноведческая игра на английском языке

Своя игра на тему

«Москва – Лондон: две столицы – два мира»

развитие культуроведческой компетенции обучающихся посредством актуализации и активизации страноведческого материала по истории Лондона и Москвы, воспитание чувства уважения к истории и культуре другой страны, патриотизма и толерантности. Данная разработка носит метапредметный характер, способствует повышению интереса к изучению английского языка и истории (как всемирной, так и истории России и москвоведения), развитию аналитических способностей и умения сопоставлять. Игра может носить как индивидуальный, так и командный характер. Возраст обучающихся неограничен. Разработка была апробирована на обучающихся 5-6х классов в качестве внеклассного мероприятия и обобщающего урока по страноведению. Примечание: для полноценной работы необходимо наличие презентации PowerPoint c активными гиперссылками.
Jeopardy “Moscow – London: two capitals – two worlds”


1. Moscow History
10 points When was Moscow founded? (in 1147) 20 points With whom did the Russian people fight in1611-1612? (Polish invaders) 30 points What happened to Moscow in 1812? (The Great Fire) 40 points When did the famous Moscow battle happen? (winter 1941-1942) 50 points This status Moscow got again on March, 12th in 1918? (the capital of the country)
2. Moscow Sights
10 points Moscow main theatre (the Bolshoi Theatre) 20 points Moscow most famous gallery (the Tretyakov Gallery) 30 points The place dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War (Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Hill) 40 points What cathedral was created in the 16th century? (St. Basil’s Cathedral) 50 points An interesting place where different festivals and celebrations of traditional Russian holidays take place and you can visit the Museum of Russian Toys, the Museum of Russian Costume and the Museum of bread (The Kremlin in Izmailovo) 1

3. Famous people of Moscow
10 points Moscow most famous museum of fine arts was named after this outstanding poet and writer (A.S. Pushkin) 20 points The collector and founder of Moscow well-known picture gallery (Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov) 30 points Outstanding singer born in Moscow, Prima Donna of Russian music (A.B. Pugacheva) 40 points The world-famous figure-skater, she became the Olympic champion three times (Irina Konstantinovna Rodnina) 50 points The artist. Creator of this piece of art (A.K. Savrasov)
4. Moscow Events
10 points This means of transport was opened in Moscow in 1935 (Underground) 20 points This fortress was built in the 12th century (the Kremlin) 30 points What important international sport event took place in 1980 in Moscow? (the Olympic Games) 40 points This important event took place in Red Square on the 24th of June, 1945 (Victory parade) 50 points What was opened in 1775? (Moscow State University)

1. London History
10 points The first name of London (Londinium) 20 points Who came to London to rule the country in 1066? (William the Conqueror) 30 points What is the name of the fortress the Normans built in London? (the Tower of London) 40 points How old is London? (more 2000 years) 50 points London used to be the centre of Protestant Church during the reign of … (Henry VIII)
2. London Sights
10 points The official residence of the British Queen in London (Buckingham Palace) 20 points The most famous shopping street in London (Oxford Street) 30 points The museum situated at 221b Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes Museum) 40 points 2
The place where the British kings and queens are crowned (Westminster Abbey) 50 points The spectacular attraction one can admire the bird view of London from (the London Eye)
3. Famous people of London
10 points Who ordered to build the White Tower? (William the Conqueror) 20 points The architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral (Sir Christopher Wren) 30 points The lady who founded the world-famous museum of wax figures (Madam Tussaud) 40 points Who lives at 10 Downing Street, London? (Prime Minister) 50 points His nickname was “Big Ben” (Sir Benjamin Hall)
4. London Events
10 points What important event happened on the 2d of September, 1666? (the Great Fire) 20 points 1863 – the year when this means of transport was opened by the Metropolitan company (Underground) 30 points This sport event took place in London in 2012 (the summer Olympic Games) 40 points This red … box was designed in the 1920s by Sir Scott (telephone box) 50 points This theatre was one the earliest built in London the 16th century (the Globe theatre) 3