"Job advertisement"

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Тема: "Job advertisement"
Дата публикации: 17.10.2016

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Job advertisement

Job advertisement  Market analysis (highly, free newspapers, magazine)  Internet (modern resource,  job-hunting)

The situation of job finding makes people

consider job offers in mass media.
 radiobroadcasts,  television,  (local and national) newspapers and  (industry, trade) magazines  Job websites,  social media such as Facebook and Linkedi,  Recruitment Agenciesn

In fact it seems that there are so many

ads, for so many opportunities, that

your challenge is in fact in defining

what you want and setting clear

objectives, and making the time to

search effectively.

The internet is a very valuable tool.

Not only for advertised jobs, but also

for job search tips.

Recruitment consultancy is big


However is it really a whole industry

designed to help you in your job

search? Well not quite. Think of them

as agents, who get paid for finding,

and delivering talents to employers.

The advertisement is part of a wider recruitment process designed to attract

suitable qualified candidates for a job.
(for recruitment agencies working with the managers of departments who need to recruit staff.)

The main purpose of a job advertisement is to attract suitable candidates for the position.

A job advertisement also plays

a secondary role
by helping to position the company as a growing organization staffed by quality people.

Advertisements include bold

headlines, copy and photographs

or illustrations.

They come in various sizes, from

small boxes to full-page or even

double-page advertisements.

Classified ads offer little

opportunity for creative treatment

or impact.

A job advertisement has five main elements.

Information on the job opening describes the duties and responsibilities of the position.
A candidate profile outlines the experience, education and other attributes required for the job.
Company information provides insight into the working environment and the opportunities for the right candidate.

The advertisement should also describe the salary range and benefits for the successful candidate.
Finally, the advertisement should explain the application process, including how and where to apply.

Phrases and questions:

1. Why do you want to work………….. ?

2. I’ m interested in………..

3. What qualities do you……..?

4. I admire……..

5. ……..skills, foreign languages, computer.

6. I have the qualifications.

The form:
Name: Age: Knowledge of English: Experience: Likes: Dislikes: The reason of applying:

All good things

come to he who


A proverb