"Изобретатели и изобретения"

Автор: Кабанова Елена Владимировна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: МБОУ "Гимназия №2"
Населённый пункт: город Брянск
Наименование материала: конспект
Тема: "Изобретатели и изобретения"
Дата публикации: 18.03.2016

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8 B
The invention of the telephone is a blessing!?
 To develop speaking skills  To practise team work  To develop communication skills  To develop discussion skills
1. The beginning of the lesson. Greeting. 2. Introduction into the lesson (stimulation) Our modern life is changing greatly. The result is the immense appearance of different technological devices and appliances. So I invite you to join this wonderful world of technologies.  Watch the video to tune into the topic. You are welcome with all your commentaries. 3. Stating the topic  What associations aroused?  What invention do you have in your pockets? 
Topic: The invention of the telephone is a blessing?!
4. Goal setting  What do we need to do to solve the problem? (дети предлагают задачи и я потом обобщаю) 5. Warming up  Here are 2 quotations about inventions what is your opinion of them? (обсуждение цитат) = вывод телефон 6. Working with the text “Alexander Bell ”  Open your books, find the text, think of “thick and thin questions to your friends”  Артем и Кирилл собирают модель телефона  Experiment demonstration 7. Telephone evolution  Руси (устройство телефона) = mobile telephone 8. Speaking on the mobiles (monologue)  Suggesting ideas (все)  Monologue (Лера)
9. Contrasting the ideas  As you may see telephones have changed a lot. They are really different both in the form and the contents  Contrasting the pictures (Гера и Карина) 10. Home task:  Your hometask will be unusual like the whole lesson of ours. (читать задание) I am an up-to-date teacher so I’ll message the text in VK in our student group. Bring it next lesson, please 11.
«Six thinking hats»
 You are teens, aren’t you? You also have you personal opinions of the mobiles. I have penetrated into your minds and look what I’ve got. (читают свои мысли вслух). So I think different opinions need to be discussed, don’t they?  Разложить варианты высказываний  Что такое шесть шляп  Я начинаю  Яна делает вывод на доске (весы и advantages and disadvantages) 12. Rounding up  Рефлексия  оценивание