"Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса"

Автор: Попова Олеся Александровна
Должность: учитель иностранного языка
Учебное заведение: МБОУ "СОШ № 12 г. Абакана"
Населённый пункт: Республика Хакасия, город Абакан
Наименование материала: методическая разработка
Тема: "Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса"
Дата публикации: 19.05.2016

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Choose the correct answer:
1. She … German. a) isn't speaking b) doesn't speak c) don't speaks 2. Betsy … her jeans when Pete ………… in. a) was washing, came b) washed, was coming c) was washing, was coming 3. We … for you since 5 o'clock. a) wait b) have waited c) have been waiting 4. He … just … his work. Now he can go for a walk. a) haves… finished b) has… finished c) have been… finishing 5. They … basketball from 3 to 4 tomorrow. a) will play b) will playing c) will be playing 6. I … him yesterday. a) did see b) see c) saw 7. She … for 7 years. a) has taught b) has been teaching c) have been teaching 8. I … already … up. Now I can relax. a) has … washed b) has been … washing c) have … washed
Use the given verbs and write the following in the reported speech.
1. Ben said to me: ''I love you''. 2. She said to Sam: ''What are you doing?'' 3. She said to me:” Have you seen this film before?”
Open the brackets using Conditional II or III
1) If I … (be) you, I would join Greenpeace. 2) If I … (have) much money, I … (buy) a car. 3) If you… (phone) me yesterday, I … (help) you.
Fill in the blanks. Use since/for:
1. I haven’t seen him ______ Monday. 2. _______centuries people have been living here. 3. Are you planning to stay here______ a week? 4. Wait ______10 minutes, I’ll be back. 5. People have been throwing away so much litter ______ the last 20-30 years. 6. She’s been bullied ______she came to this school. 17-20 – «5» 14-16 – «4» 10-13 – «3»