"Контрольная работа в 8 классе за IV четверть"

Автор: Шестакова Елена Тимофеевна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: МБОУ СОШ № 37 им. Новикова Г.Г.
Населённый пункт: город Кемерово
Наименование материала: методическая разработка
Тема: "Контрольная работа в 8 классе за IV четверть"
Дата публикации: 17.06.2016

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Текстовая часть публикации

1. Choose a word to fill a gap:
a) I usually feel happy/happily when I meet my friends at school. b) My mother always looks angry/angrily when I get bad/badly marks. c) The freshly painted desks smelt bad/badly. d) We spent lucky/luckily days in New York. e) On the first day at school there was a pupil who seemed nice/nicely. f) A girl was singing cheerful/cheerfully on her way home.
2. Complete the sentences with the appropriate question tags.
a) He seldom does his homework on Saturdays, …. ? b) You were at home yesterday, …. . ? c) He isn’t adult, …. ? d) We do not want to go to the cinema, …? e) They will buy a new flat, … ? f) We have not watered the flowers, … ?
3. Translate into English.
a) найти выгодную покупку б) расплатиться чеком в) наличные деньги д) получить скидку е) местная денежная единица ж) экономить деньги
4. Complete the sentences with could, to be able to, managed to.
1) My sister… memorise long poems when she was 4 years old. 2) He … to save 1thousand dollars and went to a journey in Paris. 3) …you … to do the splits?
5. Put in the gaps: both of, neither of.
1) Katya and Irina have good marks. …. are excellent pupils. 2) Are you looking for the two students from the 8th grade? …. . is here. 3) Are you coming this week? – I am coming next week and Tom is coming next week too. ……. are coming next week.
6. Put in the verbs in the correct form.
1) Yesterday I … (be) in the zoo. 2) Mike … already … (read) this book. 3) My sister … not … (speak) English. 4) There … (be) a lot of animals in the forest. 5) We … (do) this exercise. Give us the next one. 6) I thought I … (lose) my book. 7) We …(play) football last year.
8) I … (look) for my report for half an hour 9) He … (go) to school every day. 10) The group of tourists … (visit) the Houses of Parliament tomorrow.
7. Translate from English into Russian.
1) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy – he could play the piano when he was three and played for the public when he was four years old. 2) Ekaterina Markova first won fame as an actress before becoming a writer. 3) The police asked her to describe the two men.